Friday, November 26, 2010

Connecting The Archos 7 To The Internet

If you have gotten an Archos 7 tablet and have trouble connecting to the internet...

It could be your modem. Is your modem a 2WIRE modem? Perhaps from AT&T? This modem uses WEP authentication. WEP works well with other computers but the Archos 7 needs to see WPA2 authentication in order to connect to the internet.

Updating the modem:

On your regular computer, in the URL window at the top of your browser, enter the address of your modem -

This should take you to the modem's main page - this is within the modem. (You may need to be connected to the modem with an ethernet cable, rather than wifi.)

On the modem's main page, click on 'Home Network'.

Under 'Wireless Settings', click [EDIT SETTINGS].

Under 'Wireless Security', change WEP to WPA2. I just let it use the default password - this is the password on the label on the modem, the numbers that are in parentheses.

Exit the modem by closing the tab.

On the Archos, touch the four-striped menu bar in the upper right corner. This brings up a menu at the bottom of the screen. Touch the 'Settings' button at the far right of the menu.

In 'Settings', touch 'Wireless Controls'.

Touch 'WiFi' to turn on the wifi. Touch 'WiFi Settings' and look for your modem on the list of modems that wifi can see. If it is a 2WIRE, it will be listed as '2WIREnnn' where 'nnn' is the last three digits of the serial number on your modem label. If your modem label says 'SN: 380919070887', then look for '2WIRE887' on the list.

Touch the '2WIRE887' and you should see a place to type in the "Access point password' - this is the number in parentheses on the label on your modem - the default password. If you decided when you set the modem to WPA2 to use a simpler password, here is where you type it in.

Once this is done, go to your main menu, click on your browser globe icon, and you should be on the internet.

The Archos browser limits your web experience to sites that can be found through google searches. Fresh out of the box, my AppsLib keeps crashing. But the Archos is a real computer, and this is new technology. Because it is a real computer, its systems and software can be updated.

So my next step will be to check for operating system updates at the Archos site, T

The operating system is current - "Home / Menubars / settings / 'About device' " says that the Archos' firmware version is 1.0.15. That's the same as on their website. The OS is current.

The same site has a link that will let me download an updated version of the AppsLib, so that should solve the crashing problem.

While the Archos 7 is able to smoothly play a full-screen video - it comes with a couple of impressive and very cute videos - the h.264 mp4 file of high-def video that I uploaded to YouTube appears haltingly, with micro-pauses. I need to re-render my videos in lower resolution if they are to work on mobile computers. Big discovery.

I hope to find a web-TV app like the "Fox-TV" for Firefox that will work on the Archos. That will turn it into a little TV set with global reach. Also, because it has speakers, I can use it to show my friends my videos without needing them to put on headphones.

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