Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Adobe is Force-Feeding Us McAfee

I took McAfee off all my systems a few years ago after they billed me for their services on a machine long dead. They do not check to see if their periodic virus signature updates have been successful before they bill you. I installed Microsoft Security Essentials, which is free, self-updating, and covers all my security needs. Unless I give permission for something else to happen. Which I did.

This morning, Adobe requested permission to update its Flash Player. It has been doing this about once a day, lately.

Violating my permission, they also downloaded and installed on my machine a copy of "McAfee Security Scan".  It is in my C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee Security Scan folder.

This immediately came to life and invited me to get involved with McAfee. Sorry, honey, we broke up.  McAfee paid Adobe to put their software on my computer.

I have not restarted my computer.

Did it really install?  In the "McAfee Security Scan" folder there is an "Uninstall.exe".  But when I float the cursor over the name, I see "File Description: McAfee Security Scan Plus Installer."

Installer, not uninstaller. This could be risky. I don't think I'll click it.

Is McAfee now listed as a program on the computer?  I click the "Start" button and go to Control Panel. Select "Programs and Features". Yes, it is.  It has been installed.

Adobe has actually installed McAfee software on my computer without my permission. What a blow to their reputation!  They are monetizing their reputation.  Has Adobe been bought by Bain?

Can I uninstall the invader from the Control Panel?  I click on it, see an "uninstall", click again - and yes!  It is no longer on the list. Windows is happy that it is gone.

But the McAfee folder is still in the Program Files (x86) folder. The program is still there. It could waken again at any time.

How to get rid of the McAfee folder?  Right-click on it. Select "Delete". Click again to provide permission. And it's gone.

I think I need to wait a couple of weeks before allowing another Adobe upgrade. Maybe a couple of months. Until it starts crashing. These daily updates are just invasive things that it gets paid to do, and you don't know what it's doing.

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